The role of Sectional Title Scheme Management

What exactly is the role of the managing agent of a Sectional Title Scheme?  Here we aim to clear up some of the confusion surrounding this role. To start with, a sectional title community is a property community with prescribed management structures. The management of a sectional title scheme could therefore take place via several […]

The danger of ignoring boilerplate clauses in contracts…

We’ve all seen the standard clauses at the end of a sale or rental agreement, or included in the terms and conditions of your gym membership contract. Headings like ‘jurisdiction’, ‘entire agreement,’ ‘arbitration’, ‘applicable law’, ‘amendments’, ‘domicilium’, ‘notices’, ‘counterparts’ and more abound and seem to contain extensive legalese in what is often seen as an […]

Suspensive Conditions?

What is meant by a suspensive condition in a contract? Most persons that have bought a property may have noticed a clause dealing with suspensive conditions in the contract of sale. Usually these conditions relate to deposits that need to be paid, financing that has to be procured and/or another property that needs to be sold before […]

Getting Married?

Stroh Coetzee Inc can assist with your marriage contract. Great care should be taken to properly decide the TERMS AND CONSEQUENCES of your MARRIAGE CONTRACT. Marriage is a sacred union between two individuals, but it is also a legally binding agreement between two parties with certain legal obligations. Why draft a marriage contract? In its […]

Incorrect Municipal Accounts taken to Court!

What can I do about incorrect municipal accounts? A recent case is illustrative of the dysfunction of and failure by a municipality to take responsibility for its accounts. In this case transfer of the property had taken place, yet the new owner kept on receiving accounts which were not it’s to pay. At long last […]